My piano… of Century Schoolbook

So I decided to make something… a piano made of letters playing Liszt, I traced each note… over 1,000 (a LOT OF LAYERS IN AE!)

I have been working on this video for a week, now… im making a new one… it is for typography class, but doesn’t work for that… anyway… here it is and after a lot of critics I say…

The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism. -Norman Vincent Peale


Version 1

Version 2

Version 3:

This is one project for school (VFS)… It was supposed to be a “typography” video so I choose Century Schoolbook, because I wanted to show the side of music of the letters, and Century Schoolbook fits in most of the music sheets, very legible and elegant… like piano music.
So this is the version 1.0, I’m working on the version 2.0, one that I can show to the teacher and that she will like hahahaha.

I traced every note in the song, the notes are the real position as in the keyboard from the song Liebesträume No. 3 (Dreams of Love) of Franz Liszt. more than 1,000 layes in After Effects.

I also made the music…

7 Responses to “My piano… of Century Schoolbook”

  1. isaac says:

    Hey Jorge, I liked it, especially where the letters are doing the outer space thing…pretty awesome:)

  2. Peach says:

    I love the music very much!
    I appreciat you!!
    Can you give it to me?

  3. tcwalker says:

    WOW..what a work..u really did well bro..
    i really appreciate ur effort..c=
    so means u r good at music instrument right

  4. Hola Jr. Canest… sólo paso a felicitarte por tu trabajo… es excelente!!!!

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